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Olive Stripes


Confession time-I have no clue how these pictures turned out useable. It was a really nice day while we were taking them but for some reason they looked terrible trying to review them on the camera. The stripes on the dress were skewed and dizzying to look at. After a couple tries I basically gave up and was totally surprised when a few days later I did a mass upload of outfits and these were not only NOT painful to look at but enough for a post!



I’m so glad I get to talk about this dress because I’ve been wearing it all the time since I got it last month. You may have seen it on my Instagram earlier because I wore it to the #nsale(boy it feels like that sale finds its way into every conversation!) However I got it from Nordstrom Rack and it’s still on sale!! Plus there are other colors available but selling out quickly.

This dress is actually the first green clothing item I’ve gotten in a long time. I personally feel like green can be tricky with so many shades that feel either to ‘Christmas-y’ or for lack of a better word-gross. Kelly Green was a main color for my high school and being a cheerleader I was very much over-saturated in it which could be the real root of my avoidance. But I saw this dress and loved the style and wanted to try something different. The olive color is really pretty especially with the stripes balancing it out. Olive is a big color in what I’ve been seeing for this fall so it’s a good thing I’m bringing green back into my life and wardrobe! I’m already totally on board with the cold shoulder, have been for a while now and definitely not giving it up any time soon!

Also I get questions all the time about the shoes I’m wearing-and you’ll see them a lot here and on my insta-but unfortunately they’re completely sold out and I don’t know if DSW will be getting anymore in. You can find them online here if you want to track to see if they come back.



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