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Old Navy Casual


If you’re like me and jeans are your first thought for an outfit every morning, Old Navy is a life saver. Comfortable, extremely flattering, and inexpensive means you don’t have to feel bad about stocking up in every color! I tend to go for the Rockstar line because I like the way they fit but they do have a lot of styles so try on a bunch and see what works for you. I just recently got this dark grey color and already I’ve found multiple things in my closet to wear them with. Sometimes black is just a little too bold but grey is too light and this ‘Stone Lake’ color is the perfect balance.



You can find the exact pair and color from the pics online here or all jean options here. Denim is currently on sale so you can find a lot of choices under $20!

Plaid shirts have almost become a staple they’re worn so much and Old Navy has a good selection of colors and patterns. I’m wearing a size Small in the pics and it fits just a little big and flowy which is how I prefer to wear the style. They have a few different lines but I go for the plain classic(semi-sheer is a little too sheer for me). You can find the one I’m wearing here or the entire collection here.

The booties I’m wearing I found last year and wore them so much throughout  fall and winter. I’m glad they’re going to last me another year but DSW has a similar pair by the same brand online here. I’ve gotten a lot of Crown Vintage shoes from DSW and been very happy with the quality every time. It was a super sunny day so they sunglasses stayed on while shooting. Living in the Southwest I have a large collection of sunglasses but this pair of Ray-Bans is definitely what I wear the most. Finally the purse in the pics is a recent purchase that will be seen a lot on my blog and Instagram. I’m so in love with it!



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