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October Friday Favorites 2017

It’s the last Friday of the month which means it’s time for some October Friday Favorites! The weather had a big drop and we had some storms come in, which means I spent the month pulling everything out to get warm and cozy for Fall.

I did get the chance this month to go over to Pullman, WA for a Washington State Cougar football game. My parents have season tickets & I usually dog-sit for them those weekends but it was a lot of fun to actually get to go. Even if, as you saw on my Insta stories, it was pouring rain & ridiculously windy. There’s nothing like watching a football game in person!

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1. Daiya Mac & Cheese: Dairy & Gluten-free

I found this wandering around the grocery store a few weeks ago and it’s honestly life-changing. Having to avoid both dairy & gluten can be really hard, for the fact that you not only miss eating certain things but the immense difficulty of just finding things to eat.

This mac & cheese only takes 10 minutes to make and it tastes UNREAL. It might be the most delicious prepared meal I’ve ever found. The first time I made it my mom & I both kept checking the box to make sure it was truly something we could it!

There are 3 flavors, although so far I’ve only tried the Alfredo. It also comes in Cheddar Style and White Cheddar with Veggies. Or you can get a combo pack  if you want to try them all!


2. Keurig + Hot Chocolate

My Keurig gets a lot of use year round because I like (haha more like NEED) to start each day off with a cup of coffee. But as soon as the temperature drops it starts having to pull double duty because I go for a cup of hot chocolate in the evening! It took a while to find a good diary-free hot chocolate powder but once I found this Ghirardelli one, there was no looking back!


3. Samsung Galaxy View

October has my family scrambling to try to watch all the sports at the same time. There’s postseason baseball, the NFL, and insane college football Saturday schedules. This ‘tablet’ has become like a portable second TV for us! At over 18 inches it’s not a traditional tablet but the size makes it easy for multiple people to watch. Using wi-fi we can stream everything from live TV to MLB At Bat to Netflix.

It comes with a built-in stand so it will stay up on its own. I like to take it outside to the patio and watch TV while working outdoors. My parents like to pack it up and take it with them on football weekends so they don’t miss a game!

I personally don’t think there’s anything out there like this tablet. It’s something that may seem a little odd at first but before you know it you’ll be carrying it around and fighting over it!


4. Candles

Candles have no season, but when the house starts to permanently smell like wet dog, it’s time to make sure your stock is replenished. Luckily my dogs hate the rain nearly as much as I do so it’s not too bad lol. Fall scents are soo lovely & my absolute favorite is Marshmallow Fireside, which I’m currently out of 🙁


5. October Playlist

It feels like this month all of my favorite artists decided to release new albums all at once. Pink has been one of my all-time favorite artists for practically my whole life, and her new album Beautiful Trauma might just be her best work.

Slows Hands by Niall Horan has been my JAM all summer so I was excited to see what he would do with a full album. Flicker is soft and lovely and I’m pretty in love with it.

Now I’ve added the new Kelly Clarkson album to this playlist as well even though it just came out today. I’ve been rocking out to Love So Soft for the last couple weeks & Kelly has never done me wrong with her albums. Since I’ve had Meaning of Life pre-ordered for while now, I’m pre-emptively naming it a fave.



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  1. I am big on hot chocolate as well! I was never really a fan of how mine tasted with a Keurig, but I think that is because I always make it homemade. And boy do I love it! lol

  2. Candles are essential for everything, I think. I can’t wait to try more of the season’s smells. And I love hot chocolate and can’t wait to cuddle up with a mug of it with some cheesy goodness!

  3. I love me some GOOD Mac & Cheese!!!! We don’t use candles because of the chemicals, but I love mixing oils for a great fall scent! Your playlist is GOLDEN!

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