Rainy Day Prep: The North Face Waterproof Jacket

North Face Waterproof Jacket // UGG Rain Boots

Confession Time: This umbrella has never been used and is purely for ‘aesthetic’ purposes. If there’s ONE thing you learn growing up in the Seattle area it’s that umbrellas are for wimps. lol. Seriously if you do use one you either 1) get laughed at or 2) get designated as a tourist. In fact, there was just an article in our main local paper about the city’s only ‘brick & mortar’ umbrella shop closing from lack of business.

We’re dead serious about this.

We do invest in our rain jackets though. That means various, in multiple colors, for different occasions. When I moved back home just about a year ago a good waterproof jacket was one of my first purchases. (Vegas & Phoenix weren’t exactly ‘rain jacket’ necessary….)

This North Face Waterproof Jacket is great because it not only keeps you dry but it also has a hood that can be tucked away into the collar. Hoods can get in the way when you don’t need it, and I tend to go with beanies anyways, but there are still occasions when a hood is wanted. This way you get the option without having to worry about storing or losing a piece if it was fully detachable.


I also won’t shut up about my UGG rain boots because they’re the perfect combo of warm, protective, and under $100.


This past weekend I drove over to Pullman, WA for the Washington State University homecoming football game. It’s where my dad went & my parents have season tickets but normally I stay home and dog-sit those weekends! If you saw my IG stories it was SO cold & rainy. So it felt like a true Washington football game.


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