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Neon Sweater


First off the important thing-that adorable puppy is my dog Corey.  I know, I know, 7 years old isn’t a puppy but he’s always going to be the baby of the family. He’s a second generation goldendoodle and hates going for walks so the fact that he’s smiling in all the pictures is kind of a miracle.



Now to the actual reason for this post: I love the sun and all things warm which means I do not appreciate having to pull out a sweater in the spring/summer. However the weather doesn’t always do what I want, and sometimes I have to go visit my parents instead of them coming to whatever desert location I’m at. That’s where this sweater comes in. It has a big knit which makes it much better suited for spring than winter. And of course the best part is the color! This neon is so much fun and it brightens up my mood when the weather isn’t great. Plus when the sun does come out boy does it shine! I got it in clearance at Forever 21 but they have it in some other colors online here.

I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July yesterday!! It’s one of my favorite holidays, although this year I wasn’t able to do my usual plans so I was a little bummed about that. It’s so cool to see how creative people get with the red, white, and blue every year!



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