Neon Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress

Happy Halloween everyone!! I’m staying home & passing out candy this year but I figured this orange-ish dress fit the mood.

This neon asymmetrical ruffle dress  just makes me want to hop on a plane and fly somewhere tropical. Which kind of makes staring at it in my closet every day not so fun since I don’t currently have any trips like that planned. Instead you get these pics of me pretending like it’s not 40 degrees and I can’t feel my toes.

But maybe you’re cooler than me and do have a fun vacation planned. I know this time of year is definitely when that need to get away kicks up. Or maybe you’re looking ahead to all the various holiday end-of-year parties coming up. Figuring out what to wear to those is just another layer of stress.

This just above-the-knee length is perfect to be suitable for any kind of event. It’s not what I usually go for because of my torso/leg ratio but with the detail & ruffle detail it actually worked.

I love love LOVE the top part of this dress. I may even like it more than the fact that it’s neon which is saying a lot. I’ll rock neon everything, all day, every day. Not only does it have a bit of one-shoulder ruffle, kinda like this floral beauty, but the added strap on the other side makes it totally unique & different.

Also, an added bonus is that this dress zips up the side. So all my fellow single ladies-you won’t be running around either begging a friend or almost dislocating your shoulder just trying to get dressed.


This dress is currently on sale for $40, which for a dress that could be worn basically year-round is an absolute steal!



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  1. This is such a unique style– with the one shoulder bare and the asymmetric slant of the dress. I agree the floral pattern and bright red really make me think of summer or somewhere tropical!

  2. A very lovely, summery dress. I live in California and summer is still strong in here, so it is very inspiring for me personally. If you are curious about current trends straight from the runway, check out my latest blog post

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