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My latest trip to Las Vegas was actually the first time I stayed at Monte Carlo but it has jumped up to the top of my list from that experience. My mom was with me for the long weekend trip so this is about our experiences and thoughts! I’ve divided up this review into categories so it should be easy to find the info you’re interested in.




The thing with basically all hotels on the Strip is that unless you’re going to splurge the rooms are going to be extremely basic no matter where you stay, and Monte Carlo is no different. The whole point is not staying in your room to explore (aka spend money) so there isn’t going to be anything extra. However that isn’t to say the rooms aren’t nice.

Both our room and bathroom were plenty big enough. We had two beds and still plenty of room to spread our bags and clothes out. The bathroom had a fairly big counter and a tub/shower combo, along with space under the counter to store all our toiletries. There is a tv with a mish-mash of random channels but don’t expect anything more (like a coffee machine or fridge)!

Also elevators to the rooms are really easy to find. I know, I know, this seems like a super weird thing to point out but there are a bunch of hotels that have them tucked away and hidden! My mom still REFUSES to stay at New York New York because she stayed there like 15 years ago and spent the entire time lost and confused and annoyed about it! I find this hilarious and like to bring it up every time we walk by 🙂



Monte Carlo has got you covered for whatever kind of meal you’re looking for at any given time. From a low-budget food court (with a Starbucks!), to the requisite buffet, all the way to a high-end steak house you’ll have plenty to pick from. You can see all the options on their website.

We ate at Dragon Noodle, which is a nice middle-range Asian restaurant, and loved it. Asian is always our go-to because it’s so easy to work around our food allergies and this place was no different. They don’t have a separate allergy menu though just as a warning! The food was really good with big portions and the cocktails were absolutely delicious.


For dessert head out front to the boulevard and check out BLVD Creamery. Admittedly I didn’t pay this place much attention for most of the weekend….the word creamery is a big deterrent for people with dairy allergies! But on the last night we discovered they had not only eight flavors of sorbet for us to choose from, but a lot of them were alcohol-infused. Let me tell you, the hard cider sorbet I had was the quintessential Las Vegas dessert and I was happy as could be all night after this find!


Also Monte Carlo is home to The Best Coffee Shop On The Las Vegas Strip (That Isn’t Starbucks!) which is so good it’s worthy of its own post so be sure to check that out as well! It even has an entrance from inside the hotel.



As with all Vegas resorts there is no shortage of entertainment within its own walls. The nightclub scene isn’t big here but it does have Minus5 Ice Bar which is a really really cool experience. Pun totally intended! They also have the brand new Park Theater which is home to various concerts and mini residencies. Currently Cher, Bruno Mars, and Ricky Martin are its main acts!




Monte Carlo is located on the south end of the Strip, in front of T-Mobile Arena and next door to New York New York. City Center and MGM Grand are very short walks away. It’s pretty close to the center so it isn’t too bad walking around to explore and with it’s back entrance you can avoid a lot of the boulevard by using Tropicana Ave if you’re in a car or taxi. There’s also a short walkway to the nearby Aria Tram which can take you through City Center and all the way to the Bellagio.

The back entrance where you’ll find the check in desk. It’s also right across from T-Mobile Arena.


This hotel is in the middle range for cost but more edging to lower than higher. It’s certainly not the cheapest you’ll find but it won’t break the bank and it’s in a great spot which is worth the little bit more. One big warning about ALL hotels on the strip is to make sure you’re aware of the resort fees. They will usually add up to a couple hundred dollars more to your room bill so it’s a big fee to watch out for. It’s unavoidable and all hotels have them but it covers things like the fitness room and pools.


One thing I wanted to add is that currently (spring 2017) there is massive amounts of construction going on right outside. The resort is going through a renovation and eventual change it name but it means that there’s currently no pool and early morning (LOUD) construction Mon-Fri. We didn’t know this and were a little shocked by our wake up Friday morning. It wasn’t terrible but it is something to be aware of if you’re considering the hotel.


I completely recommend staying here ESPECIALLY if you’re in town for an event at T-Mobile Arena. It is so easy to get to and a relief when it’s late to have a less than 5 minute walk back to the hotel. I definitely appreciate the little step up in comfort from some of the really cheap options but it won’t be such a jump that you won’t be able to splurge on all of the fun you’ll want to have. My parents are planning on a trip in a few months for another concert and they know for sure this is where they’ll stay again for that!

You can go to the Monte Carlo website and book a room here.


If you have any questions about the resort please let me know in the comments!! Or if you have questions about any other hotels I can probably answer those too, because at this point I’ve stayed in pretty much all of them at some point!


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