Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Review

I never feel like I’m ready to leave the house until my lips are taken care of. Lipstick is such an important part of making sure I look put together and ready to take on the day! There’s so many choices out there when it comes to lip products. I’m always up for trying out a new one! I definitely have my favorites but lipstick is one of the areas where I’m absolutely willing to go bold and try out new things. That’s why I jumped at the chance to get to try out and review Maybelline’s new SuperStay Matte Ink liquid lipstick.

*A big thanks to Influenster & Maybelline for gifting me two colors of their new liquid lipstick to try in exchange for my honest review!

Packaging & Application

Since these lipsticks are a liquid formula they come in these square tubes. I LOVE how bold the color is on the packaging. I’m always having to open tube after tube trying to find the one color I’m looking for. To apply the lipstick there’s a wand with a triangle tip that makes precise application pretty easy.

The color goes on smooth and with a lot of coverage. It only took one layer for both colors I tried to get full look which is good because it’s thick, you really wouldn’t want to put any more on.


For now, Maybelline has released 10 colors, and I got to try #15 Lover and #20 Pioneer. This was perfect because pink and red are what I tend to wear most! I genuinely got to try out these colors during normal days without having to change any of my normal outfit or makeup routines. Pioneer is a bright red so it might scare some people away but if you do enjoy the powerful feeling of pulling off a red lip (I love it!) you’ll be really happy with this shade. If subtle is more your style then Lover is a gorgeous dark and dusty pink that works as a great neutral.

With SuperStay in the name and a claim that it will last 16 hours, Maybelline is really standing behind a long-lasting product. Luckily it totally lives up to the hype! Whenever I put on my lips in the morning I automatically stick the product in my purse so I can touch up throughout the day. I did the same with these lipsticks but ended up never needing them!! Which I fully admit I did not expect.

One of my biggest complaints about nearly every lipstick I’ve tried is the that it smears off and leaves stains on everything. I have ruined many a coffee cup this way. This matte ink might be the closest I’ve come to a product that doesn’t leave any marks! That was definitely a pleasant surprise and a HUGE plus. My dogs are a big fan of not having lipstick kisses left on them when I leave for the day. And really isn’t that one of the more important things! lol

The One Negative

I did have one issue with this lipstick. Even after it dried my lips felt sticky throughout the day. It wasn’t terrible but it was enough to be annoying. Especially if my mouth was closed for while because I was working and not speaking or anything. This is nowhere near a big enough issue to make me not want to use the product. But it did bother me enough that it was worth mentioning.

Currently I have a ton of lipsticks. But the next time I need a new color Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink will be at the top of my list. To try it out yourself you can find it at Ulta or just click below!



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  1. The colours both look absolutely stunning and I love the packaging so much! I probably would try some of the other shades too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  2. Those look incredible! I’ve always had something against liquid lipsticks and/or lipglosses because I always find them sticky – just a shame these seem to be the same!

  3. I’ve never seen these before but they look and sound stunning- love the shades!

    Gabija |

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