Little Black Jumpsuit


Get ready to see this outfit all over my insta this year because I’m obsessed!! The LBD has been a thing forever, and while I’m totally on board with it, this year I’m pushing the Little Black Jumpsuit. It has the same classic look but is so incredibly versatile. Finding a comfortable black jumpsuit (go stretchy cotton!) is a way to easily transition from day to night. Plus if I have any fellow former cheerleaders/gymnasts reading you’ll understand the struggle of feeling like you have to wear spandex under all dresses lol but not when you go the jumpsuit route!

Black is one of my favorite colors to dress in. I always feel comfortable in it and still keep the ability to change it up for whatever mood or style I need for the day. I love bright colors so black always let’s my bags, lipstick, etc. POP! It also works with patterns which means I get to play with combos like leopard and hot pink 🙂 I’ve actually had to work to add color into my wardrobe because I reached a point where it was overwhelmingly black. Certain things are worth going back to black for though and finding this black jumpsuit was an easy decision to buy.

I found my black jumpsuit at Ross  and I really wish I could find this exact one online for you. If I do someday I will definitely come back and update this post! But I did find a few similar so hopefully you can find the perfect one for you.

Adelyn Rae Strapless Jumpsuit 

This one has a similar cut but is a little more fancy. It has boning in the bodice and tailored trousers so if you want one a little more fitted this is the way to go. Also, it’s available in Cobalt and Navy in addition to Black.

Cupcakes and Cashmere Dallias Cotton Jumpsuit

Cotton, elastic, and with pockets makes this jumpsuit the closest to what I have, and I bet it’s the most comfortable!

Topshop Tie Twist Crop Jumpsuit 

If you want your jumpsuit to have flair this is the one you need. It has a super adorable twist tie front and crop leg length. It’s also available in Navy.

Missguided Black Wrap Bardot Jumpsuit 

Bardot tops are always so gorgeous and this jumpsuit has a classic chic look thanks to its neckline.

Missguided Black Frill Lace Top Strappy Jumpsuit

Lace is very In right now so if you want to combine trends this is a great option


I got a lot of asks about my lipstick and shoes on Insta so I’m adding those details in! I swear by Nars lip pencils and the hot pink that I’m wearing in the pics is the color Yu. My shoes are a few years old but luckily leopard is always around in new styles. I recommend these Mix No. 6 pumps  and these Cole Haan strappy pumps


Those of you who follow me on Twitter got to here me complain all about how I burned my neck curling my hair when I was getting ready to shoot these pics. It was SO bad the whole day but luckily finally started calming down by the time I went to bed. I don’t think I’ve ever burned myself that badly before but if anyone has tips to make it stop itching please help me out lol That’s what I get for trying to do too much at once with hot tools near my head!


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  1. I love jumpsuits, actually I have almost the same one and live in it! You just pair it with a little jean jacket and you look effortlessly great! Love this!

  2. Omg love this!! And I love how you styled it. AND I love how you found it at ROSS!! I don’t own a jumpsuit, but I will definitely go for a strapless one when I do get one!

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