Lightweight Long Sleeve Hoodie


Growing up in sports means you develop an over-the-top dependence on hoodie sweatshirts. I have crates full in my basement to prove it. Those things got so much wear and meant so much to me that I may have to be like 60 before I finally feel emotionally ready to get rid of them.

Now that I’m a real adult (or at least pretending like we all seem to be doing) my wardrobe doesn’t fully rely on the hoodie anymore. But, I haven’t fully given them up!! This lightweight long sleeve hoodie was a perfect find to be an actually wearable piece.

It’s the same weight of a simple long sleeve shirt which makes it a little different from the usual sweatshirt. I like that because it means I can wear it when it’s still a little warm, or use it as a base layer when the temperature drops! It works really well under a vest that doesn’t have a hood!

I’m also a big fan of the jogger trend this Fall! Having something casual to wear that isn’t yoga’s is a nice change without sacrificing comfort. And I still won’t shut up about how incredible the Adidas Neo line of sneakers is!


I have just as much love for a comfy casual look as I do a full put together outfit for public. Keeping it simple like this is definitely how I appreciate spending a day at home!

Yesterday was a massive sports day that DID NOT DISAPPOINT! omg. The Seahawks game was maybe one of the best football games I’ve ever watched, the Sounders kicked off their playoff run to defend their championship, and the World Series continued to be crazy!

Sports are so good.



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