How To Stay Active In Las Vegas

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So you’re on vacation in the city of sin and indulgence-that means fitness and taking care of yourself doesn’t matter, right?


It’s actually super easy to fit being active into whatever your plans may be. I’ve put together a list of 5 ways to keep yourself moving during a vacation in Las Vegas.

1. Walk to explore && take the stairs.


There is SO much to see inside and outside of every hotel. Take advantage of that and walk around to see what you can find! Maybe it’s the fountains you find entertaining, the shopping that catches your eye, or a landmark you need a picture with. There’s no shortage of areas to walk around and no reason to take a tram to miss it all. I generally can hit my 10,000 steps for the day by early afternoon without even trying. Also you’re going to have many options to take an escalator or moving walkway–make the choice to take the stairs and you won’t feel so bad about that extra drink later!

2. Find your hotel’s fitness center


This one always seems to surprise people. Despite the size and scope of what goes into the resorts I guess people think that having a gym isn’t part of the plans. Actually, the fitness centers are usually really nice and match the level of thought and care that goes into every other part of the hotel. I’ve always been really happy with the quality and quantity of equipment offered. These pics are from Monte Carlo Resort & Casino which even offered fresh water with cucumber. This gym was always in use, but even with 10-15 other people in at the same time I never had a problem with being able to use what I wanted.



Located at the MGM Grand-this is a new option and one that’s perfect to bring your friends along. Even if you’re not a golfer this game is more about the experience than actual skill. I’ve always been able to hit the ball hard with zero control over the direction it goes but it doesn’t really matter here. Hit some balls, have a few drinks, and have a lot of laughs with your friends. You can find out about prices, menus, and more on the website here.

4. Leave The Valley


Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains and it’s definitely worth planning a day to get out of the valley and explore the desert. There’s lots of option depending on the terrain or activity you’re looking for.

To the west, and only 30 minutes off the strip, is Red Rock Canyon Conservatory.

Head south and east to find Lake Mead and which is formed by the Hoover Dam.

Or take a full day to head north and explore Mt Charleston. In the winter you can even play in snow!

5. DANCE!!


Bliss Dance statue was inspired by Burning Man


Chances are you’re in town to go to clubs, or pool parties, or concerts. Take advantage of the music and don’t be afraid to dance! Start when you’re getting ready with friends and keep it moving and grooving throughout the weekend. I promise no matter how silly you may feel there will someone even crazier just a few steps away. And always remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so let loose!


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  1. I’m going to Vegas I March for my birthday. Thanka for the great tips.

    Published 1.22.18