High-Low Baseball Tee from Target

Baseball Tee

I am a hardcore sale shopper and this whole outfit is like a demo of how low can I go for a price LOL. But mostly I wanted to show off and talk about this awesome high-low baseball tee I recently found at Target!

Target has had a bunch of clothing on sale lately, and it was just announced they were getting rid of a few brands (RIP Mossimo), so maybe those things are connected….either way I have been finding deals and discounts galore!

Baseball tee’s are one of those staple things to always have in your dresser. It’s simple but cute and can be tossed on if you’re in a hurry or just need something without too much effort. While the price is what made me grab it (currently only $10.48!) the fit is what made me buy it without hesitation. It has kind of a wide body but it drapes sooo well and is super flattering.

The sleeves are a bit of an odd color but odd in a way I very much enjoy. If the rust isn’t for you it does come in a few other colors as well. But being a sale item it is selling out pretty quick.

Back to my sale spree-I just picked up these wedges for only $11 thanks to a lovely combination of clearance pricing, sales on that clearance pricing, and then a coupon for a % off of clearance sandals. I felt like a freaking shopping mastermind at the checkout LOL.

Because they were clearance, they’re not online or anything so I linked up a few other pairs of floral wedges that I really like!

I try not to sign up for too many store e-mail lists but DSW is one that I swear by!! They are always having various sales online and in-store. A lot of times you need the barcode from the e-mail to get the deal. Most of my ‘fun’ shoes are pairs I’ve found in their clearance section or found through a certain sale. Good quality shoes can be soo expensive. DSW is by far the best way to find good pairs at a reasonable price!

BTW this isn’t sponsored or anything I just wanted to share a few of my personal tips!! I posted a pic on Insta the other day of my new shoe rack and people were asking where I found a lot of them! I’d never be able to afford all of those at full price. 



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  1. Mossimo will be no longer?! That’s like all their clothing–so crazy! I’m interested to see what they bring in. You look adorable in their baseball tee!

    Meaghan xx

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