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Half-Marathon: The Sequel. Training Begins.


After years of adamantly telling everyone running was my least favorite thing ever, I ran my first half marathon in November 2015. I never wanted to be a runner but signing up for races like this can usually have so much more meaning behind it than just running a race. A combination of factors went into my decision to train and run-things like finally being healthy enough after years of abusing my body from competitive sports, knowing I was leaving Vegas shortly and wanting to do something big, but most important was the loss of my grandmother weighing on my mom and my minds. Running a half had always been on my mom’s bucket list and we reached a point where it felt like there was simply no reason to push it off anymore. But like so many people, that experience was just the start and I’m ready to go again to run my next half in July.img_0133edited

As I tried to take pictures the other day while it was 20 degrees I’m quickly learning that one of the best parts of having the run in November was being able to train during the warmer months! I really can’t stand running on treadmills so as I’m planning out my schedule there’s definitely going to be a lot of other cardio(elliptical you are my fav, always and forever) and cross-training. As it warms up I’ll start actually running.

This puffy jacket was a Christmas present and it gets so much use because it’s SO warm. It was perfect to toss on in between shots which brings me to my main point of this post⇓

One of the very important parts of training of any kind is having the right clothes. Most of the time it can feel like you have to sacrifice your bank account to get stylish and reliable though. There are definitely certain things you’ll want to give in and splurge on, I could do post after post about finding the right shoes for yourself, but there are quite a few pieces that can be done on a budget.

Make sure your first stop for clothes is Old Navy. Their active wear section is extensive and surprisingly really cute.


img_0167editedThese pants and top are both Old Navy. Cute right?! And the best part is they’re having a sale right now for their entire Active line to help out with those New Years Resolutions.

You can find the whole collection online here

Similar pants can be found here

And my top can be found in various colors

They go beyond tops and pants with lots of options for jackets, sports bras, water bottles, etc. It’s absolutely worth a trip to stock up and not totally break the bank.


I’m going to be doing a series of posts throughout the months about my experiences and tips. If you have any questions or topics you’d like to see please leave them in the comments!! While I don’t feel completely thrown in the deep end this time, I’m still pretty new to it all so if you find yourself in the same boat, or are intimidated by the super runners who seem to have it all figured out and more, I’m happy to share my knowledge as I gather it!


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