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Gift Guide: For The Person Who Is Always Organized

We all have that one person in our life who is to always organized and has it all together. Or you are that person and you never ever take for granted the tools that help you keep that organization! I’m definitely that friend which means this gift guide was put together from my own knowledge and wish lists!

But first, I’m going to need you to go bookmark this page. Let’s be real, if you’re not the organized friend then it’s probably way too early for you to be shopping. So save this page and you’ll be so grateful when you’re scrambling later! And if these are the kinds of gifts you want for yourself, you’ll have it saved to send to those friends when they finally get around to it. Then we can sit around sipping our wine and basking in the lack of stress of having everything already taken care of 🙂

**This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase any of the products featured I may receive monetary compensation at NO extra cost to you! 

1. Electronic Accessories Organizer

I cannot STAND when I’m traveling and all of my cords get tangled together. My family has always been very tech friendly which means a mess of various things that seemingly need to be wrapped around each other no matter what I try to do. Having a case where everything has its own spot and stays in its own lane is such a relief. Especially when it can then be zipped up and easily packed into any kind of bag. I’m partial to the Coral color, obviously, but it does come in multiple options.

2. Takeout Menu Organizer

Cooking can take time and effort that there just isn’t time for. Plus with soo many options out there eating out is always a good choice. If you do eat out a lot, or have a few favorites, this organizer to keep track of all the various menus & contact info is a great way to keep your kitchen organized!

3. Food Storage Containers & Chalkboard Labels

Who hasn’t scrolled through Pinterest dreaming of having a kitchen that looks so incredibly picture perfect. Make that dream a reality with some cute containers and chalkboard labels. Ring in the new year with a newly organized and very pretty pantry!

4. Mesh Desk Organizer

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation, however it can be a hard thing to decide to buy for yourself. It can feel a little frivolous, and not totally necessary, but those are the best gifts!

5. ‘The Complete Book Of Home Organization’

Well, the title of this book says it all. Maybe you have a friend that wants to make some changes or a friend who is always looking for the best way to do things. A book is a great option so they can do some research and get ideas for themselves!

6. Tag Divider Sticky Notes

I don’t know if all organized people have a sticky note obsession, but mine is very very real. These are SO cool and especially perfect for people who keep their lives together in a journal. Not only are they great for note taking but the tabs keep it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

7. Drawer Dividers

I’ve been using these for years and I don’t think I’ll ever have a dresser without them! Underwear drawers can get so messy. Socks get mixed with underwear, everything gets tangled with bras. These dividers are all made specifically catered to the best way to store each piece individually. It makes it way easier to find what you’re looking for too!

8. Calendar & Notes ‘Family Command Center’ Wall Decals

Keeping large family, or a family on the go, organized can be a massive task. While phones make it easier now, that doesn’t mean every member can have access all the time. This variety of wall decals is a great way for the entire family to have easy access to all schedules and lists.

9. Cube File Storage System

Cubes are all the rage with furniture & storage. This one hides a file cabinet. It’s great for keeping track of personal papers but it’s especially great for people who work at home. I have a simple plastic file holder in my office but something like this would look so much nicer!

10. Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes

Growing up I always had my makeup in bags because I was either needing to take it places or simply had no room. *aka dorm rooms* This year I finally had a bathroom to settle into and it has been so incredibly nice to have all of my makeup and toiletries organized and displayed. A system like this was a game changer for my morning & evening routines!

11. Staedtler Fineliner Pens

Honestly I think that buying someone else a planner is a terrible idea. We all have our perfect system and have probably spent years & years finding the exact planner that works for us. Good pens though are ALWAYS wanted. And ridiculously expensive. When there are so many cheap options for pens out there it can be really hard to splurge on the nice ones we actually want. Getting a nice set as a gift though is the absolute best!




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  1. Really that is wow some for my wife. Those family product list is very impotent for me and my neighbor.Those thinks is really helpful for me. There all product is need a family. I will also share my neighbor. Thanks for sharing your information.

  2. I am all about the organizational tools! Your first recommendation is perfect timing for me. Haha. My husband and I are in the middle of a year-long trip abroad and the cord tangling situation is OUT OF CONTROL. It drives me nuts! I’ll have to add that one to my Christmas list year. Great roundup!

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