Friday Favorites-July 2017


July has always been one of my favorite months of the year. It always means summer, sun, and the BEST holiday-the Fourth of July! Trying to narrow down to just four things to include in this post was soo hard but I decided to go with the things I think will be most helpful and enjoyable for all of you! Plus a very special playlist at the end so be sure to scroll all the way through!

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase one of the products I may receive monetary compensation at NO extra cost to you! Thanks for all of your support! Blogging doesn’t happen without readers 🙂

1. Popsicle Molds

Ice cold treats are always a fun way to cool down when it’s hot out, but I don’t enjoy going through the ingredient lists of what I want at the store! Or paying for the items I actually don’t mind eating, that sucks too. So this month I decided to be proactive instead of just complaining and I bought myself molds to make my own!

I’ve mostly been experimenting with lemonades and teas. All the results so far have been easy and really tasty. In the picture I mixed lemonade with fresh watermelon juice & it was SOO good! My biggest tip is to make the liquid much stronger than what you would normally if just drinking it. Once its frozen there’s a tendency to have a strong pure ice taste if you don’t. Coconut water works really well as a base too!

2. NARS Orgasm Lipstick

The NARS Orgasm blush has been a cult classic for a while now, and I have been firmly part of it for years! As soon as they announced they were releasing a whole line of makeup in the Orgasm shade I threw myself a little party and then immediately got in a car to go pick up the lipstick LOL. A mix of coral and pink, with sparkle, is the perfect color for every single day and every single occasion. NARS lipstick has always had a great formula and this one is no different.

If lipstick just isn’t your thing-don’t worry! You can still totally join in. I’ve linked to the lipstick, lip gloss, blush, liquid blush, illuminator, and stick. Whatever product you may need, you need in Orgasm 🙂

3. Gatorade Organic

I’m sooo picky about what I drink. It’s basically either water or coffee. Until I found these new Gatorade flavors! The organic line has no artificial colors, natural sugar, and just a really simple ingredient list. This means the flavor isn’t quite as strong, but again that’s my preference so it’s great. I order cases of it from Amazon (thanks free shipping!) that come with both the lemon and mixed berry flavors.

4. #NSale

I know a lot of you are getting tired of the #NSale but honestly it really is one of my favorite parts of the month! Being able to get fall clothing already on sale is an important part of my shopping habits. I’m sure you know all of the details by now so I’ll just link up the posts I’ve done so far. All of these are still in stock, which I guess means I don’t have ‘popular’ picks LOL, so if you haven’t finished shopping yet I highly recommend all of these outfits!

My #NSale Picks

Tie Sleeve Sweatshirt

Yoga Crop Hoodie

Draped Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top

5. July 2017 Playlist

Pretty self-explanatory, but this month I’ve had Linkin Park playing non-stop. Last month their newest album One More Light was a big part of my playlist. Now a lot of those songs are even more harrowing and heartbreaking. So this month I’ve gone through their entire catalogue and picked my top 20.


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  1. I love all of your picks! Especially Linkin Park, used to be my favourite band when I was a teenager! So heartbroken.. You look gorgeous with the Nars lipstick btw! Thanks for sharing:).

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