Foot Petals Jogger Shoes Review

Sometimes I feel like I willed the casual sneaker trend into existence. Honestly I own way too many at this point but they’re just so freaking comfortable! Making them stylish is like a dream come true because you can where them any time and anywhere!

But back to the point-

When I received this pair of shoes to review it felt like the job I was born to do. Seriously I felt like writing back ‘don’t worry guys, I’ve been training my whole life for this!’ LOL. And then I opened the box to find these sparkling gold beauties!

*A big thanks to Foot Petals & Influenster for gifting me these shoes in exchange for my honest review! All opinions in this post are 100% my own!

Foot petals going into the shoe business made total sense. Their brand is built off of making other shoes more comfortable. Taking that knowledge and building it into a perfect shoe certainly sounds like a more than logical next step. And it definitely pays off. These shoes are soo comfortable and instead of breaking down the longer you where them during a day, the better they get.

The main idea behind this shoe is the ‘Cushionology’ idea to place gel support where the foot needs it most. That means a gel heel cushion, and gel cushion ‘towers’ for the front half where your toes and ball of the foot hit. The towers are essentially the gel separated into squares. It feels a bit weird and bumpy at first, but never uncomfortable, and I got used to it in like under a minute. All of this support doesn’t change much at first but as the day goes on your feet definitely feel better instead of worst thanks to the cushioning where the shock and pressure go.

When you hear about all the ‘science’ going into a shoe it can be worrying that the style factor will be forgotten. I remember days past where special orthotic shoes were a sight to see, in the worst possible way. But that is SO not the case here! These sneakers are something I would have absolutely picked out for myself in a heartbeat! Especially with the glitter 🙂

While the price point is a bit high, when you compare it to a regular pair of sneakers plus good insoles, it doesn’t seem so bad. You really do get a lot out of one pair. And if this exact shoe isn’t quite your style, they also have a few others being released!





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  1. The longer you wear them, the better they get sure sounds incredible to me. Right now all of my sneakers are the exact opposite. I do love this style too!

  2. The gold is a bit much for me personally but I love the look of the black ones! I’m gonna have to check em out – thanks for sharing your honest opinion 💕

  3. Those sneakers are so cute! They could totally transform any outfit with their chic appearance. Also, they seem super comfy. I will totally have to check them out!
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

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