Floral Dresses For Easter, Graduations, And All Other Spring Occasions

These pics above are a round-up of the floral dresses that I’ve pulled out of my closet recently for various meetings and events.  Some of them have been around for a while so while they’ve served their purpose well it was time to go on a hunt for some newer floral style. (Although the spaghetti strap midi was found randomly in my mom’s closet a few weeks ago. I’ve since claimed it as my own.)

We’re getting into a stretch of time that’s full of holidays and events that require outfits on the more ‘dressy’ side of things. Easter, graduations, weddings; all these things swing into full force, and if you’re like me, your schedule for the next few months is packed full.

Easter is right around the corner and if you haven’t been able to find something to wear yet it’s time to go floral. Floral dresses are the perfect outfit for all of these occasions. Spring and floral just go together and having some nice floral dresses makes planning so much easier.

I’ve been raiding my closet to see what I have and what I’ll need to go shopping for. Different events can mean different dress codes but I’ve found 8 dresses online that range in style, color, hem length, and coverage so if you need some quick help check them out below!

1. devlin Thea Dress

2. Maggie London

3. Eliza J Floral Mikado

4. Privacy Please Wilson Dress

5. AIRLIE Isolla Bella Midi Dress

6. J.O.A. Floral Faux Wrap Slipdress

7. Cupcakes and Cashmere Makana Dress

8. MINKPINK Garden of Eden Tunic


Floral can be so varied and there’s really so many options out there that no matter what your style or preference you can definitely find something that will work for you!

If you also need shoes make sure to check out this post of mine

Here in Seattle the sun has finally come out for multiple days in a row. My dogs LOVE being able to hang out in our backyard so I’m really glad it’s finally dried out enough for them to get to play and run around. I still need the temperature to jump up about 30 degrees but I’m afraid complaining too much about the cold will just make the rain come back lol



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