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Fleece-Lined Puffer Vest

Some days figuring an outfits just kind of sucks. Mornings are hard. And while I try to plan ahead for most occasions there are still a lot of casual days or running-mornings that a quick, easy, and warm outfit is needed in the winter. I really like my simple jeans and shirt combo. So that’s where this Fleece-Lined Puffer Vest comes in to play!

Vests are pretty big right now which is cool because there’s a ton of variety to choose from. But cute doesn’t always mean warm and let’s be real-that’s my #1 concern for the next few months. I like that this vest has a big ‘puff’ to it, and the fleece lining inside makes sure all that warmth stays in.

The best part about this vest is that it’s under $50! There is even a really cute new version of it with a hood still under that price point! I picked up these two colors last year and will definitely be figuring out what other color I need with a furry hood.



So we got all of these leaves in our backyard from the tree of one of our neighbors that’s right against our fence. It was really cool and pretty but it’s gonna be a super big pain trying to clean it all up!

The pups of course had to help since they were with us for the pics. They ended up playing and having so much fun that it totally made up for how hard it is to work around them! Last Fall we had just adopted Tina so she was still timid but now that she’s our pampered princess and feeling totally at home, it turns out she LOVES to roll around and play in the leaves. I was the literal heart-eye emoji it was so freaking cute!!



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