Flatbread Pizza: Using Trader Joe’s Pre-Made Gluten Free Crust


Ordering pizza is such a classic for an easy dinner, but it comes with knowing you’re choosing convenience over health. Once you add in food allergies it actually becomes a complete disaster that ends in either frustration or disappointing food. (I have had some truly TERRIBLE gluten free crusts before!) Luckily my favorite place to grocery shop, Trader Joe’s, has a great solution. Using their pre-made gluten free crust I can now have pizza ready to eat in 10 minutes with whatever toppings I want! And I do like some weird toppings, sorry pizza snobs!

These crusts stay in the refrigerator until you need them. Then you just pop them onto a baking sheet, top, and bake.

First pre-heat your oven to 425° and get out your baking sheet. Four flatbreads can fit on one pan so you can take care of the whole family at once. Make sure to spray the baking sheet with cooking spray the pizza’s will easy slide off once they’re done.

One of the best things about making your own pizza is being able to choose exactly what you want to top it with. No restrictions on ingredients or the number, plus each person gets to customize it. If you have picky eaters this is really nice to have as an option! My family has a mix of food allergies so our pizzas range from the traditional cheese & pepperoni to shredded goat cheese and substitute sauces. Thankfully everyone is good with going gluten free options at this point simply for ease.

Since this is my post you get to here all about the way I make my pizza so be ready to get a little odd. If you can’t handle that I’m also showing a ‘normal’ pizza as well lol

I’m not the biggest fan of regular pizza sauce so I start with brushing on olive oil for my base.

Then comes another Trader Joe’s favorite, olive tapenade. I can’t have regular cheese, and I’ve yet to find a substitute I enjoy, so this olive mix is what holds my toppings together. It’s really really tasty but it definitely changes up the pizza dynamic.

Next is the most important step-protein, aka meat! Sausage is my usual topping but I’ve started using Canadian bacon with this combo and it’s a perfect mix.

Finally add whatever veggies your heart desires. Since I already have the olive tapenade I usually just go with banana peppers (homemade btw!). I warned you there was nothing normal about my pizza tastes! Of course the classics like tomato and mushroom work too. My family also likes to add more cheese on the top of it all to help hold everything together.

  Now your oven should be pre-heated so stick the pan in the oven for 6-8 minutes depending on how crispy/melted you like it.

Once it’s cooked you’re ready to eat! I recommend cutting it into squares for easy to hold pieces.

Depending on how long it took you to decide on topping you now have a healthier and ready to eat pizza in 10-15 minutes! No wait time for delivery, no fighting over toppings, no outrageous price-Same delicious pizza night!



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