Five Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Figuring out what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner can either be one of your favorite parts of the holiday, or an added layer of stress that you don’t want to deal with. Either way, having some outfit inspo can be a big help!! Thanksgivings can be weird, some families make it a very formal & nice occasion. Others, like mine, keep it pretty casual.

I say casual….really these days we barely even acknowledge it lol. Figuring out what to eat that doesn’t contain any of the ‘allergy ingredients’ is a challenge none of us want to take on.

That’s why I’ve picked out Five Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas that should fit any and all styles!

1. Burgundy Shift Dress

This has been one of my favorite looks all Fall! And it’s perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Burgundy is such a hit this year, and an oversized blanket scarf can help keep it cozy & flattering.

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2. Slouchy Knit Sweater Dress

A sweater dress & over-the-knee boots is about as classic as you can get. But for good reason, it’s SO cute and comfortable! I love this off shoulder knit dress and it comes in a bunch of different colors.

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3. High-Waist Jeans

If you have a more casual get together than you can’t go wrong with a simple jeans & top. But high-waisted jeans will help keep that tummy tucked in so you can make sure to try everything! This is also great for those of you who are still wondering where Fall is and soaking up the sun. I’m totally jealous.

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4. Puffer Vest

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with the boots, beanie, vest combo. This look is great if you want to go for laid-back and really embrace the Fall vibes. Plus it’s easy to mix & match with pieces out of your closet that you already have!

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5. Black & Grey Poncho

I recently tried out the poncho trend and totally fell in love! It’s such a great piece to have if you might need to take a layer off or bundle up.

For all the details on this outfit check out this post!



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