Fall Staple Booties: The Two Pairs You Need

Today we’re breaking it down to the two pairs of fall booties you need for you closet to survive the rest of the year! I’ve definitely found that as fall comes around I tend to stick to only a few pairs of shoes that can keep my feet protect from, & survive, the weather. That means I don’t mind a bit of investment, in neutral colors & styles, because they’ll get a lot of wear. However both of these pairs are currently on sale (Thanks Nordstrom!) so they’re under $100 for now.

Hinge Barris Block Heel

Beige is an absolute MUST!!! Honestly I don’t know how anyone survives without a pair of beige booties in their closet. It was desperately time for me to get a new pair & I fell in love with these at first glance online. I have an issue with loving high heels but that’s just not feasible or safe all the time! This block heel is the perfect compromise with just enough lift to still get the effect but not big enough to have any problems with balance or slipping.

They’re also ridiculously comfortable. The poor girl at the store was cracking up when I tried them on because I wouldn’t stop raving & ranting about it! I’m not sure what it is exactly but your feet will love you for these! The ‘V’ side cut adds a little character but they still work well with pants. There’s also a bit of pinprick perforation on back side which makes it texturized and not totally uniform. These shoes really can go with quite literally anything you’re going to need to wear!

You can also see these booties styled in a different way in this post!

BP. Faren Bootie

Black is also a color that is completely necessary. I personally probably wear black shoes more than any other color.

However when it comes to this pair of booties I have to give full disclosure: my mom picked them out for herself! She’s never really been into fashion & I have to pick out most of her wardrobe whenever she goes shopping so I was super proud of these! Luckily we wear the same size of shoes. Anything one of us gets generally ends up having split custody LOL.

I’m a big fan of the perforation that’s become a big trend. It really makes things look a little less clunky & a little more fun. Which I’m all about. The little bit of elastic in the sides ensures that the booties fit really well despite only being slip on. These are also pretty comfortable with a very sensible heel. They don’t cut as high as a lot of booties on the ankle, but it gives you the option of wearing your pants all the way down or folding them up to give it a cropped look. I do really like having that option!!


I did have a bit of a laugh writing this post because we’re currently at the start of a heat wave that could be one of the worst the Pacific Northwest has ever had. When I planned this I didn’t know! So it’s in the nineties and I’m talking about fall outfit planning LOL. But with how fast this year is going there’s no point in putting anything off! It’ll be fall before any of us are ready so why not take care of figuring out your fall booties situation 🙂

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  1. The nude boots are really stunning! Such a lovely colour but I love the black as they’re so much more practical x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  2. Those shoes are so perfect!!! I wish I could wear regular adult shoes. I have a size 2 foot so I typically buy from the children’s section. In the UK, I hardly find amazingly stylish shoes like these. Wonderful picks x

  3. So cute! I actually ordered the first pair (but in black) and they were a size too small…so I gave them to my mom as part of her birthday present! Lol 😀

  4. I loved that first black pair, they look chic, cute and comfortable. But Fall!! It’s the beginning of August, summer has still got a few weeks left in my books. Thanks for the post Alison, good job.

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