Decorating My Office With Printiki (+Code For Free Shipping!)


It’s no secret that we all LOVE taking and sharing pictures. And with the creation of social media we’ve become so used to being able to share those memories right away, with everyone, and even for the world to see. But even with the ease of everything being digital now, there’s still something about printing out those really special pictures to hold and hang in your home. Certain moments that deserve a little bit of extra treatment to be seen without a screen. That’s where the awesome new photo printing company, Printiki, comes in to save the day. Make sure to read this whole post because I’ve got a code you can use for free shipping on your own order!!

A big thanks to Printiki for allowing me to try their service for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. 

How does Printiki work?

I know that trying to figure out how to print pictures these days can be all kinds of confusing. Especially those pics that you get perfectly edited on Instagram and then have to try to figure out how the heck to get them back to your computer. Thankfully Printiki decided to come up with a way to bypass all of that!! Once you go to their website,,  you’ll have a few choices of ways to upload pictures-including the option to link your social media accounts. That means once you’ve linked your Instagram, for example, then all you have to do is scroll through your feed and click on the pictures you want printed. So easy, so fast, and so simple!!

You’ll also have a bunch of different printing options to choose from like a poster or book. If you decided to order individual pictures you get to choose if you want them square or rectangular, and if you want them retro (and with a caption) or with a thin border. Basically you get to customize your prints to exactly how you want them.

Once you have all your prints customized and ordered online, they’ll be delivered to your house. I was extremely impressed with how quickly my order showed up even using standard shipping.


Decorating My Office


I was getting individual prints because I knew I wanted to be able to hang them up in a couple different places. As square prints have been making a comeback there are some really cool frames out there that make it really easy to clip photo’s on to. The great thing about these is the ability to quickly change out what pictures are hanging. It’s really nice being able to easily keep the frame updated.

With my other prints I created a vision board of sorts to hang right above my desk. I used Canva to make a few prints of my favorite inspirational quotes to have printed as well. That way when I’m working I can just look up and be reminded of what I’ve already done, and where I want to take my work.

Thankful for my super sturdy desk as I climb all over everything lol


Here’s how you get Free Shipping

I know I’ve got you totally hooked now and dreaming up ways to decorate your own space. So let me make it a little sweeter and get you free shipping on your order.

Go to using one of the links in this post. Then when you get to check out use the code: Q6U9Z5GN and that will take off the cost of shipping! Printiki is all about making this process as easy as possible. You’ll be able to easily add the code without any extra clicks or added headache.

Also, make sure to find Printiki on Instagram and Twitter for more information and inspiration.



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  1. I have never heard of this company before! It seems really great and helped you added some awesome finishing touches to you office! Thanks for sharing xxx

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