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Chevron Romper

br post ready 4

Okay I have to admit that this romper is something I usually would walk by and completely ignore but it was on a mannequin in Charlotte Russe and I could not get it out of my post ready 3
(wedges and a rocky trail were not a good combo!!)IMG_20160411_121824post readybr post ready 2


Above I paired it with a leather jacket-I was visiting my parents in Washington and I have no tolerance for cold anymore after living in the southwest for a few years now. Black booties and dark sunglasses added to the more edgy look I had going. But when I wear the romper alone I like to wear casual lace-up sandals like this for a more casual spring/summer outfit.

While my parents and I were in Spokane for the weekend we decided to make an impromptu trip over to see Lake Coeur d’Alene which was absolutely gorgeous! Considering I thought we were just going to lunch I definitely was not dressed to actually go exploring but it’s somewhere I need to plan a trip to and really experience the area. We spent long enough there to get some cool pictures and no sprained ankles so it was still fun 🙂


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