Seattle Art Museum+Pike Place

On a very cold and rainy day(aka any winter day in Seattle) last weekend I went downtown to see the special Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum(SAM), which you can read all about from Monday’s post. However the ticket was good for the entire museum and since I had never been I wanted […]

Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style Exhibit

Currently at the Seattle Art Museum there is a special exhibit about Yves Saint Laurent-so on Saturday I bundled up and went to check it out!! Going in I really only knew about some of his finished designs and most famous outfits, but they’ve put together a totally comprehensive look at not only how he […]

6 Kitchen Gadgets Under $25

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and purchase the product I may receive monetary compensation at NO extra cost to you.  So it’s time to buy presents but you’ve got a price limit and are completely blank on ideas….don’t worry-I have got you covered!! I’ve watched multiple friends set […]

Weekend Wandering

This weekend I went trekking through a park nearby my house and while fun, it was nothing new. Isn’t that cool! That’s the beauty of the Pacific Northwest-nature is always right next to you. I grew up surrounded by lakes and mountains and trees. I’ve been visiting other parts of the country since I was […]

Foodie Friday-Rudolph’s

It’s Foodie Friday time! This week I’m sharing a recipe that is SO quick and simple, it seriously takes less than 10 minutes….and then only another 10 to eat them all!(I’m eating some right now while I type and had to hide the rest lol) We call these guys Rudolph’s because of the red m&m […]

Cake In A Cup

It’s Thanksgiving week which means holiday season is here! One of the hardest parts of the next few weeks can be navigating through gift giving. From acquaintances to best friends it can get overwhelming quickly so I wanted to share with you my family’s go-to solution. We’ve actually had to retire it because so many […]

Berry Picking-YUM!

I recently returned to my Washington roots and went on a weeklong trip with my best friend into the North Cascade mountains. I definitely took for granted growing up surrounded by forests and lakes but now I really appreciate it every time I go home and feel awed by the colors and nature all around.  However in true Pacific […]

Doggie Biscuits!

Ten years ago my parents and I spent Memorial Day weekend welcoming in a new member of the family, a goldendoodle puppy named Macbeth. He was a cuddly little thing who made it easy to pick out of the litter when he crawled into my lap and didn’t let any of his brothers near me. […]