Blush Cold Shoulder Dress

  One of the great parts about living in the Seattle area is how gorgeous it is when the sun makes an appearance. We’re also very lucky to have all kinds of lakes around which means as soon as the weather is nice I’m running outside to soak up every minute of it! This blush […]

Fourth Of July Outfit Inspo

  The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. Which is totally weird, I know. People always take a second after I say that because it’s not the obvious answer of Christmas or a birthday. But for most of my life the Fourth was celebrated the exact same way-in a small town, surrounded […]

Outfit Roundup- June 2017

  It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit roundup post. With the official beginning of Summer almost here, I figured it would be a great time to get all of these into one place for you to find ideas for your Summer wardrobe! You can see that I have fully embraced the off/one […]

Grey Off-The-Shoulder Top

  I’m all for going big and going bold with clothes. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now then you’ve seen just how bright it can get. That doesn’t mean totally avoiding simple and classic though. Sometimes an outfit with very little flair can have big effect! There’s always a time or […]

Pink Off Shoulder Romper

  I really cannot have enough rompers in my closet. You may not have been able to tell this about me from this post,  or maybe this outfit, or how about this one lol. My romper love is well documented. But this isn’t just another run of the mill romper, this pink off shoulder romper is […]

Cold Shoulder Cocktail Dress

  Do you ever just find the perfect dress for a specific event and then spend every day staring at it longingly in your closet until it’s finally time to wear it?! That was totally me with this sparkly cold shoulder cocktail dress! I finally got to wear it last weekend and it was just […]

Adidas NEO- The Best Casual Sneaker Line

  With the rise of athleisure, the rise of casual but stylish sneakers has come into full force this year. And I am sooo on board with this! There’s plenty of options out there now but I personally cannot live without my Adidas NEO. As you’ve clearly been able to tell at this point, I […]

One Shoulder White Tops

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I wore this one shoulder white top the other day when I was exploring St. Louis and then taking an Amtrak up to Illinois. It was the perfect casual shirt to keep me cool in both heat and style! I’ve talked before about how a plain white tee is a classic, […]

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: My Picks

  Is there anything better than a Nordstrom sale?! The correct answer is not much! Once again their Half Yearly Sale is a collection of GREAT prices on clothes that are actually cute and in style for the year! Nordstrom does soo much right when it comes to their business model and we as customers […]

Navy Crochet One Piece Swimsuit

  I’m home!! And I’ve got like 1,000+ pictures to go through for weeks worth of blog posts, but I decided to start simple and do a quick post on this swimsuit. I got soo many questions about it when I posted it on Insta so I wanted to get you all the details ASAP […]