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Burgundy + White


This outfit was one of my favorites this spring to toss on when I needed something a little nicer than my usual yogas….but I’ve recently brought it back as it gets colder and all of my sweaters are getting moved to the front of the closet again. I’m so glad white is a year-round thing because it’s just too much of a staple to hide away for half the year!


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This sweater is wonderful for many reasons but best of all is it’s only $38 at Nordstrom. You can totally justify getting in multiple colors, I’ve got my eye on that olive but you can’t go wrong with taupe, grey, or black either. It’s got slits on the side so the back is longer making it easy to pair with jeans or leggings. I like these stretchy skinny jeans which are like the best of both worlds.

These Unisa boots are only $70 and a great dupe for the more expensive styles(if you’re like me and start crying when you see other brands on sale starting at $500). Plus there’s also an option for the same boot with a heel and both have multiple colors options.

Storing over-the-knee boots was driving me crazing until I found these inserts on Amazon. They’re really easy to slide in and out so it’s not a big hassle whenever you want to wear the shoes. I love that they can be modified to fit different heights so any shoe that needs a bit of help standing up or keeping it’s shape can work. Now I have a nice line of boots all standing on their own and it makes my organizational heart happy.

My family spent the weekend putting up Christmas lights and decorations so I’m slowly getting into the holiday spirit. Although Starbucks caramel brulee lattes in red cups are really my true sign of festive times. I like to pretend the happiness it brings cancels out all the extra calories!


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