Burgundy Shift Dress

I think, maybe, that I’ve gotten all my complaining about summer being over out of my system. Now I’m just into reluctant acceptance and letting my love of beanies & blanket scarves carry me through until I see the sun again. I’m drinking hot chocolate as I write today’s post so it’s really not all bad!

I think burgundy is one of my favorite Fall colors. Not just this year but in general really. That’s why I’ve had this burgundy shift dress in my closet for a few years now. And every year I find new ways to style it! I’m not really a fan of wearing a shift dress on its own but I love to pair them with a cardigan, scarf, or jacket. There’s something about the cut that I just can’t enjoy until it’s accessorized.

Since I know the dress isn’t ever going to be a feature, I tend to look on the budget end for a price. Charlotte Russe is soo good for this!! Like I said, this dress has lasted me multiple years and is really comfortable. Which is kind of crazy since it was only about $20! Charlotte Russe is my favorite option for cute but cheap.


For more info on the booties check out this previous post: Hinge Booties


Now I have a confession to make-

I don’t like Pumpkin Spice anything! *covers eyes in blogger shame*

I’ll totally own up to being pretty ‘basic’ about a lot things. They’re popular for a reason and there’s no reason to care if it’s cliché! But I just cannot get on the Pumpkin Spice train. However when Starbucks breaks out the Caramel Brulee Latte I am all over that!

Let me know in the comments if I have any fellow pumpkin haters! 🙂


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  1. I’m loving the shift dress! Its so perfect for fall or really any season! Add some boots, leggings and away you go with a whole new outfit! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. I have never tasted Pumpkin spice anything and I have no plans on doing so!
    That said- that burgundy looks great, and it is such a great color on you! Burgundy and oxblood will forever be colors I will associate with fall.

  3. I LOVE burgundy – not just in the colder months, but it is a perfect Fall & Winter colour!! After this years winter in SA I have finally decided I don’t like winter at all, like you I just like the gorgeous accessories that comes along with the colder months!

  4. I love the color burgundy in the fall and I really like how you paired the scarf with your dress.

    I am a big pumpkin spice everything fan in fall lol! Currently sipping on a pumpkin spice latte now 😉

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