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Blanket Scarf Travel Outfit


Traveling around Christmas time can be pure STRESS, and even if you aren’t feeling it you can see it in all the people around you. But I’ve got a super simple outfit for you that keeps you cute and comfy amidst it all.




The biggest piece of it all is a blanket scarf!!! I cannot go on enough about how much better this make a trip–road or air. There’s the always useful factor that it’s a cute accessory. Any color or pattern can make an outfit pop or tie it all together. Plus it’s still fairly in trend(and I will fervently hope it never goes out of style). But the best part of the scarf it everything it can double as. It’s big enough to be a blanket…you know, like it literally says in the name lol or you can fold it all up and have a soft pillow. I always, always, ALWAYS bring one with me on a plane now and it makes flights so much more enjoyable.

You can find blanket scarves at most stores these days but I really like the selection Express has. Or there’s this really cool reversible  leopard scarf from Charlotte Russe that was recently on my Instagram.

Base layer-you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a long sleeve white t-shirt. They’re neutral to go with whatever other outfits or accessories you bring so you can plan and layer numerous outfits around them. The BP long sleeve shirts from Nordstrom is a must. It’s not super tight fitting and the length is a little long and it gets so much use out of my closet. At only $19 it’s definitely worth getting in multiple colors. Old Navy Rockstar jeans are really stretchy so they’re my go-to for having to sit in a car or on a plane.

Finish it off with a pair of casual sneakers that are a personal fav for getting through airport security and having to walk around a lot. I got these Adidas early this year and have almost worn them out because of how suitable they are for so many different outfits and occasions.

Once you’re dressed and ready to go make sure a pup doesn’t try to come with you!20161206_133729_001edited

Don’t give in to the cuteness!

I spent the weekend putting the final touches on my new office and I’m so so happy with how it turned out. Make sure to check out my Insta(@alisonsteck) to see the gorgeous watercolor world map!


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