April 2017 Makeup Haul

There were a bunch of beauty-related sales going on in April: Sephora had their VIB sales, Ulta had both 21 days of Spring and Platinum member coupons. Needless to say, I got A LOT of makeup. Sales were the perfect time to stock up on the products I swear by and a great time to try out some new things I’ve had my eye on! I figured I’d go through my makeup haul and let you know what I love, what I’m excited for, and what I was disappointed by.

Sephora Cleansing and Exfoliating Wipes & Sephora Lip Balm and Scrubs

I’ve been using the Sephora face masks for quite some time now so when they started expanding the line with these wipes and scrubs I jumped on board. Masks take time but you can grab a wipe and be good to go in 30 seconds! Coconut water is my absolute favorite. It’s sooo soothing and immediately helps when my skin is feeling dried out. The charcoal and green tea wipes have one side that is a regular wipe(and can take off makeup!) but the other side works as an exfoliator. I’ve always been really bad at that part of skin care but wipes make it so easy. Also the green tea is made to help with blemishes and it works really well.

They also have lip balms and scrubs. Again the coconut water is great for dried lips! The honey is a combination exfoliating and smoothing which makes it perfect for prep when you’re getting ready in the morning.

Benefit Roller Lash & BareMinerals Lash Domination Petite Precision

These mascaras are both ones that I’ve been using for YEARS. Neither one is clumpy or made for volume(I have other brands for that!) but they’re both vital to my mascara routine. Benefit Roller Lash has become quite popular because it works really really well for lengthening. The curved brush makes a huge difference in elongating your lashes!

My bottom eyelashes are like non-existent and I spent so long trying to find a product that would work to make them pop without smearing mascara all over trying to get it on. The BareMinerals game changer! They have a regular in the Lash Domination line but the Petite Precision has a mini brush that works perfectly. I’ve turned everyone I know onto this mascara because it works so well for tough to cover lashes.

Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover

I love Urban Decay makeup and have been happy with everything I’ve ever tried from them, so I was ecstatic to try this line of makeup remover. Having a way to cleanly wipe off lipstick to reapply a new color sounds like a dream come true! Unfortunately it’s still just a dream because I was terrible disappointed by all three of these products. The spray didn’t take anything off, the lip oil stick left heavy residue of my previous color, and the main oil stick was a pain to try to get all over my face and then worked just okay at removing my makeup. I’m definitely sticking to my regular makeup removing routine. These will sadly be passed off to see if they work for someone else.

NARS Orgasm Blush & Pencil Sharpener

NARS is hands-down my favorite makeup brand. I use so many of their products but at this point all I needed to restock was my pencil sharpener and blush. The Orgasm blush is very mainstream but it’s just the perfect pink with a teeny bit of sparkle to liven up your face every day. Plus I also use NARS bronzer and they blend perfectly together.

The pencil sharpener was a replacement because my old one was reaching a point where I couldn’t get it clean from all the different lip colors lol. NARS has my favorite lipstick colors but also their lip pencils are AMAZING! The eyeliner I use from a different brand fits in the smaller slot so I stick with this sharpener.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer 

I’ve been looking for a tinted moisturizer for a while now. I’ve tried a few different brands but none had the coverage or color selection I needed. I was reading blog posts and this one kept being recommended so I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love it!! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I tend to wear foundation all of the time but having this moisturizer to use during the spring and summer is going to be a huge relief to my skin. It’s very lightweight and has SPF but it also provides a medium amount of coverage.

Stila Highlighter -Kitten

I first found this product because I got a sample of the Kitten eye shadow and fell in love. I realized it was the exact same as the highlighter and then used up the sample size in no time. Luckily I now have this big version of it that will last a while! It’s categorized as a shimmering nude pink but it’s heavy on the nude which is why I like it so much. When I’m wearing bright colors or bright lips I want to be able to tone down my eyes. This is perfect because it adds a sparkle without adding a color. That’s also why it work so well as a highlighter!



Do you use any of these products or have any questions about them?! Did you also have a great makeup haul in April?! Let me know in the comments!!



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  1. Britt wrote:

    I LOVE cleansing wipes – they are just so super easy when you are wanting to do a quick clean up!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

    Published 5.7.17
    • Alison wrote:

      Yeah I love things that make it quick and easy to follow your beauty routine!

      Published 5.8.17
  2. All of these products look so good. Bars Orgasm is suppose to be AMAZING

    Published 5.8.17
    • Alison wrote:

      It’s one of my all time favorite makeup products!!

      Published 5.8.17
  3. Ioanna wrote:

    I have Kitten highlighter as part of a duo and it’s my favourite! I love how it gives a glow but without being obvious that you have highlighter on. It’s perfect for work. I’m sure you will enjoy using it!

    Ioanna | beautyloverstories.com

    Published 5.10.17