2019-Life Update & What’s To Come On C&C!


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It’s a new year which means it’s time for a big 2019 life update!

TBH I’m weirdly already on board with using twenty nineteen. Usually it’s not until like March I get the new year right but this time I’ve GOT. IT. DOWN.

Must be because I’m SO excited for what’s ahead 🙂

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog for the last few months because of a lot of completely unexpected events and also big life decisions/changes. All of them good though! And it’s the perfect time to share so here we go

First!! In October I went back to school…kinda. Which is obviously why I’m carrying an adorable backpack in all the pics😉 One of the hardest, but coolest, things about blogging is you have to learn SO MANY THINGS. It’s essentially starting and running a business all on your own so every day is an adventure. And when you’re constantly trying new things sometimes one of them will totally grab you.

That happened to me with a big background part of blogging and at the end of the summer I was accepted into a program to get certified in front-end  web development.
Basically I’ve spent the last 3 months diving into HTML & CSS, learning the fundaments of building & coding websites from scratch. I’ve got another 2 quarters to go and then it’s a whole new career…business…who knows?! But I’m absolutely loving it!

Which in a sorta roundabout way brings me to the big second life update–I’m moving! For a while it’s been known thing that my family will be moving to Spokane but in a hand-wavy vague sometime in the future kind of way. Until all of a sudden a few years down the road turned into just a few months. It’s been, and will continue to be, a big big stress trying to get one house ready to sell while getting ready to build a new one but it’s been so much fun starting the design process of creating a house that will be custom built. I just keep focusing on the end result and trust that we’ll eventually get there lol.

This is also where it gets a bit weird and a lot of fingers crossed hoping for things we have no control over going according to plan.
I’ll be talking A TON about Spokane once we get there but for now all you need to know is that it’s about 5 hours east of Seattle.

But Ali didn’t you just say you were back in school?!

yes…and that means I may have to deal with a 10 hour commute for a little while. Class though is just in person one day a week so.. Life doesn’t always work out perfectly but you make do and eventually I’ll have an awesome new skill and an awesome new house & city.

So what does this mean for Carefree & Coffee??

Good things!

Starting now I’ll be posting 3 times a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday.
Content will be the same mix of lifestyle & fashion. But in the second half of the year I’m hoping to finally have the time to start adventuring and add a whole bunch of new travel content. The Pacific Northwest has so much to explore and I’ve got a ridiculously long list of things to do & places to see that I want to share with you all!

Also my first big solo project after finishing up my class will be doing a whole new redesign of the Carefree & Coffee website! I’m so so excited to take that on.

Most of all, C&C is about sharing & being here to help you all out. So please if there’s any topics you want covered, content you’d love to see, or questions to be answered, let me know!! Leave a comment, send a message, just let me know how I can make this a better place for you 🙂

Here’s to an incredible year and an unending amount of coffee to get us through it.


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