10 Ways To Style A White Tee

We all have a white tee in our closet….or in my case four! LOL. But that’s because it’s the ultimate staple peace. It can work on its own, under just about anything, and it lasts year round. The possibilities are endless and I started playing around to figure out just how many ways I could style this one piece of clothing. So now I’ve put together this post to show you ten different ways you can style a white tee!

First off, you have to start with a white tee. You probably have one of your own already but I personally LOVE the BP V-Neck from Nordstrom.  It’s really soft & lightweight making it super comfortable. It’s also thick enough that you don’t have to worry about it being see-through. I can be leery about v-necks but this one isn’t cut very deep. And best of all, it’s under $20!! I have it in multiple colors & have multiple in white 🙂 You can find it here! 

1. Jeans & Tee

We’ll start off with the super basic-blue jeans & white tee. You really can’t go wrong with this combo for any kind of casual occasion. I usually like to play with it a bit and we’ll wear fun shoes, like leopard flats, or a bright lipstick.


2. Crop Tee

In the summer, when it’s warm & toasty out, I love to go with the crop tee look. It’s still simple, but it’s fun, especially paired with some bright shorts!


3. Kimono/Cardigan

The ability to layer is definitely one of the best things about having a white tee. You can add a lot of flair and color by adding a kimono or cardigan on top! This can also help transition the tee into cooler weather. I like to oversize my cardigans & kimonos so they’re flowy and long!


4. High-Waist Shorts

It took me a while to get on board with the high-waist trend but this exact outfit is what finally got me into it! A white tee tucked in looks so put together and cute.


5. Under A Dress

This isn’t really my personal style but some people can pull it off so beautifully! Whether you need a dress to fit a dress code or just want to add a layer to your outfit this is a great styling choice!


6. Knotted

I really love all the new pre-knotted options that brands are coming out with. That’s definitely on my list of purchases needed soon. But if you’re like me and don’t have one yet take your biggest shirt and tie it yourself!


7. Skirt

A white tee might be simple but you can combine it with a skirt and easily dress it up! I like it with this skirt because it offsets all the lace detail. It’s also a great option to go with flowy maxi skirts.


8. Add A Scarf

I use this one ALL THE TIME! Probably because I have a major scarf problem. But it’s a great way to add color in the summer with a bright & lightweight option like in the picture. However I also love pairing it with big knit & chunky scarves to transition into fall!


9. Leather (Two-For One!)

A. This one comes with two options! It’s no secret that I love leather jackets. A white tee is the perfect choice to layer underneath because it lets the leather do all the styling & work. Plus it balances out the weight of the jack and you won’t overheat.


B. On the opposite side, pairing a white tee with leather leggings is such a chic-casual outfit! It’s also a super comfortable combination that always makes me feel like I look wayy nicer than I should for wearing things so soft and stretchy!


10. Overalls

This last one is the only one I personally don’t have in my closet 🙁 But it’s still a really cute option! Overalls are like rompers where they’re basically an entire outfit on their own. That’s why it’s great to keep the under layer simple with a white tee!





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  1. Awesome versatility! I can’t even tell you which look I like best, they were all cute. The burgundy lace skirt look is sticking in my mind, so maybe that’s my favorite!

  2. I love the kimono and skirt look! I’ve never been really good at mixing and matching outfits lol. This was really inspirational!

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