Gift Guide: 20 Gift Ideas Under $25

We all wish we could splash money around and buy our loved ones all the gifts they ever dream about. But let’s be real, at this point we’re all looking at our own lists and trying to decide if we should ask for things we need, instead of fun things we actually want. That’s why […]

Gift Guide: For The Person Who Is Always Organized

We all have that one person in our life who is to always organized and has it all together. Or you are that person and you never ever take for granted the tools that help you keep that organization! I’m definitely that friend which means this gift guide was put together from my own knowledge […]

Five Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Figuring out what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner can either be one of your favorite parts of the holiday, or an added layer of stress that you don’t want to deal with. Either way, having some outfit inspo can be a big help!! Thanksgivings can be weird, some families make it a very formal & […]

Bearpaw: Boots On A Budget

It may be ‘basic’ but I have loved the fuzzy boots look for as long as it’s been around!! Especially when I’d have to wear cheer outfits in December and those boots were the only source of warmth we got before and after games & competitions LOL.  But really, it wouldn’t be a joke if […]

Fleece-Lined Puffer Vest

Some days figuring an outfits just kind of sucks. Mornings are hard. And while I try to plan ahead for most occasions there are still a lot of casual days or running-mornings that a quick, easy, and warm outfit is needed in the winter. I really like my simple jeans and shirt combo. So that’s where […]

Nordstrom Fall Sale Picks

As the holiday season kicks into gear, so do all the sales! And of course the Nordstrom Fall Sale is one of the best! Maybe you want to start your present shopping, or maybe you want to treat yourself before the stress starts. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a Nordstrom sale. I’ve gone […]

Foot Petals Jogger Shoes Review

Sometimes I feel like I willed the casual sneaker trend into existence. Honestly I own way too many at this point but they’re just so freaking comfortable! Making them stylish is like a dream come true because you can where them any time and anywhere! But back to the point- When I received this pair […]