Little Black Jumpsuit

  Get ready to see this outfit all over my insta this year because I’m obsessed!! The LBD has been a thing forever, and while I’m totally on board with it, this year I’m pushing the Little Black Jumpsuit. It has the same classic look but is so incredibly versatile. Finding a comfortable black jumpsuit […]

Colorful Denim For Spring

  We’ve finally had three sunny days in a row which basically means we can say we did have a Spring no matter what else happens until Summer. While the sun is always cause for celebration though, the temperature has still been less than ideal. I wear jeans alllll the time so I need a […]

Sausage Bread Recipe-Foodie Friday

  Making this recipe post is so sad for me because this sausage bread is one of the very few things I actually like for breakfast, but I haven’t found a good gluten-free alternative so for now I have to stay away 🙁 That doesn’t mean I can’t share it with you all though! Now […]

“Espresso Then Prosecco” Old Navy Graphic Tee

  This outfit is basically the epitome of my go-to in the morning for a casual every day look. Jeans, tee, wedges; everything I need for a typical Spring day. I think a graphic tee just adds fun and personality to a simple outfit that can make a big difference! When I saw this graphic tee at Old Navy I just […]

Prosciutto+Egg Cups

    Easter is coming up and that means big breakfasts and, a lot of times, travel. It can be so hard figuring out how and what to make when you have to take various things into account like church, driving time, and worrying about serving to multiple people. I have a great solution for you though so don’t […]

The Best Leather Jackets For Spring

  If I had to truly narrow down my wardrobe to my favorite article of clothing it would, without a doubt, be leather jackets. The harder question would be picking just one of mine! Luckily you can now find leather jackets in all kinds of styles and colors making it easy to wear all different […]

#CapsOn For Major League Baseball Opening Day

  Today is one of my favorite days of the year, the start of a new baseball season!!! I know, I know, for six teams it technically started yesterday. For Cubs fans who want to pretend like that it didn’t…TOO BAD. This Cardinal fan LOVED the walk off 🙂 Baseball is so different from other sports which […]

The Best Cork Shoes For Spring

    A few days ago I posted a flat lay on Insta and got a bunch of questions about my cork shoes, which inspired this post. I’ve had those heels for a number of years though so I can’t link to them exactly. However I did go looking for what I thought are the best cork […]